The 15 Most Vulnerable Lyrics From Camila Cabello's 'Camila'

Camila Cabello’s debut solo album Camila has officially be released in full and it is a bonafide hit.

From spicy radio-friendly “Havana” to the more revealing “Real Friends,” Cabello scores high with her first solo trek that shows off the Cuba-born singer's stunning falsetto and talent as an individual separated from the attachments that come from performing with a group.

Originally titled The Hurting. The Healing. The Loving., the album follows Cabello’s post-Fifth Harmony life and shows a very vulnerable and real side of the singer, with 8 of the 10 songs on the album showcasing revealing and intimate lyrics.

Excluding the more upbeat tunes "Havana" and "She Loves Control," here are the 15 most vulnerable lyrics from Camila.

“Never Be The Same”

Something must've gone wrong in my brain / Got your chemicals all in my veins / Feeling all the highs, feeling all the pain

“All These Years”

'Cause after all these years / I still feel everything when you are near / And it was just a quick "hello," and you had to go / And you probably will never know / You're still the one I'm after all these years

“Inside Out”

That's where I was when you found me, yeah / Thought you could go on without me / Now you can't see you without me


Lonely pillows in a stranger's bed / Little voices in my head / Secret keeping, stop the bleeding / Lost a little weight because I wasn't eating / All the souls that I can't listen to, to tell the truth

Loving you was sunshine, safe and sound / A steady place to let down my defenses / But loving you had consequences

“Real Friends”

No, I'm no stranger to surprise / This paper town has let me down too many times

Why do I even try? Give me a reason why / I thought that I could trust you, never mind / Why all the switching sides? Where do I draw the line? / I guess I'm too naive to read the signs

I'm just lookin' for some real friends / All they ever do is let me down / Every time I let somebody in / Then I find out what they're all about

I stay up, talkin' to the moon / Been feelin' so alone in every crowded room / Can't help but feel like something's wrong, yeah / 'Cause the place I'm livin' in just doesn't feel like home

“Something’s Gotta Give”

Your November rain could set the night on fire, night on fire / But we could only burn so long

Something's gotta give, something's gotta break / But all I do is give, and all you do is take / Something's gotta change, but I know that it won't / No reason to stay is a good reason to go

I have never heard a silence quite so loud / I walk in the room and you don't make a sound, make a sound / You're good at making me feel small / If it doesn't hurt me, why do I still cry? / If it didn't kill me, then I'm half alive, half alive

"In the Dark"

I can see you're scared of your emotions / I can see you're hoping, you're not hopeless / So why can't you show me? Why can't you show me?

So tell me / Who are you in the dark? (I, I) / Show me the scary parts (I, I) / Who are you when it’s 3 AM and you're all alone / And L.A. doesn't feel like home? (I, I, I) / Who are you in the dark?

"Into It"

The gravity can't hold us, your hands are outer space/ I can't make sense of nothing and words just get in the way

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