Kelly Clarkson Made an Entire Video About 'Spirit Animal' Meryl Streep Before Meeting Her at the Golden Globes

Kelly Clarkson met Meryl Streep on the Golden Globes red carpet, a moment that was apparently a long time coming for the singer. In fact, only a day before meeting Streep, she dedicated a whole live streaming video to her unwavering love of the actress.

"She's amazing and my spirit animal," Clarkson said in the "Meeting Meryl," the debut episode of Minute + A Glass of Wine, her new web series in which she plans to talk to fans about whatever's on her mind.

"I really want to meet Meryl Streep," she emphasized. She wasn't sure if her dream would come true at the Golden Globes (of course, it did, and the meeting was hilarious), but she was sure of one thing: "What will happen, if she doesn't take a pee break, is she is right in front ... I got Barbra Streisand, Oprah, Meryl, it's crazy ... I'll at least get to see her from stage and maybe be like, 'Hi Meryl,' because I'm not professional on live national television."

"People always ask me why I'm obsessed with her. Other than the fact that she's an amazing actor, she's also an amazing singer," Clarkson pointed out. While referring to her notes for the episode and sipping wine, she listed various similarities between herself and Streep: Meryl played a rock star in a movie, Kelly is a pop star. Meryl played a chef, Kelly loves food. Meryl learned to play violin for one of her films, Kelly played violin as a child. And, as a bonus, one of Meryl's daughters has the same birthday as one of Kelly's daughters.

"I feel like we could be friends," said Clarkson, who insisted she never asks any celebrities for a photo but was determined to get one with the actress.

Check out episode one of Clarkson's web series below -- or, as she puts it: "If you don't like Meryl Streep, then whatever. Don't watch."