Kelly Clarkson Freaks Out Over Meeting Meryl Streep on Golden Globes Red Carpet

Kelly Clarkson completely lost her cool on the Golden Globes red carpet, where she stopped in her tracks upon spotting Meryl Streep.

The pop singer, who's scheduled to present an award at Sunday night's (Jan. 7) ceremony, startled Ryan Seacrest -- who was helping her down the stairs -- when she screamed, "Oh my god, that's Meryl."

"What happened?" Seacrest said. "I thought you tripped. Oh, you saw Meryl Streep. My heart just dropped. I thought you fell, tripped down the stairs."

Meanwhile, Clarkson shamelessly called out to the actress: "Can I meet you? I am such a fan!"

"I've adored you since I was like 8," she said before giving Streep a hug.

The adorable moment was caught on air during the Golden Globes red carpet live stream. Watch Clarkson fangirl over Streep in the clip above.