Justin Timberlake Gives a Glimpse at the Making of His 'Filthy' Video

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Justin Timberlake "Filthy" 

Justin Timberlake's "Filthy" video has the singer, portraying a Steve Jobs-like inventor, wearing a black Todd Snyder turtleneck and watching from side-stage as his latest creation gets to show off all his funky moves to a packed audience. But in a behind-the-scenes look at the video, it's clear that Timberlake's the mastermind behind the futuristic performance.

"Making of a [robot]," Timberlake captioned the clip, using an emoji in place of the word "robot." He shared the short video on Instagram Saturday (Jan. 6).

In the making-of clip, he's seen performing the motions that become the robot's moves in the final product.

Timberlake posted a second video of the choreography later in the evening.

"Filthy," a preview of what's to come from Timberlake's Man of the Woods album due Feb. 2, was directed by Mark Romanek, who also worked with Timberlake on "Can't Stop the Feeling." Three more new videos, with three different directors, are set to drop prior to the album's release.

Take a look at his robotic "Filthy" moves below.


Making of a --

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Making of a ----@ivankoumaev @ajharpold @mrkudelka. #Filthy --

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