Charlie Puth Goes A Cappella With Boyz II Men on 'If You Leave Me Now'

Charlie Puth
Jimmy Fontaine

Charlie Puth

No, it's not a Chicago cover.

After spending 2017 condemning a wrongdoing ex for "How Long" she was just wanting his "Attention," Charlie Puth is kicking off the new year with a heartbreak ballad -- and he enlisted '90s harmonizing greats Boyz II Men to help him sing it.

Titled "If You Leave Me Now," the a cappella tune starts off with everyone singing together before Puth takes the first verse in hopes of singing his leaving lover back to him. "No, this is not goodbye/ I swear that I'm gonna change/ No, baby, please don't cry/ It doesn't have to end this way," he croons as Boyz II Men provide smooth backing vocals.

The song's chorus continues Puth's regretful sentiment, declaring that his significant other will take the "biggest part of me" if she leaves him. Boyz II Men steps in for the next verse, their sound seamlessly fitting with Puth's pain and reminding Puthers that the "One Call Away" singer has some serious soul in him.

"If You Leave Me Now" -- a track from Puth's forthcoming VoiceNotes album, due later this year -- also showcases Puth's impressive falsetto and power-note abilities. But perhaps most importantly, the song features another '90s classic in addition to Boyz II Men: A good old-fashioned key change.

Listen to "If You Leave Me Now" below: