Which Ed Sheeran Rap Collaboration Is Your Favorite?: Vote!

Ed Sheeran is a pop mega star for many reasons. Apart from the singer's deep songwriting and his raw emotional vocals, Sheeran is known to be a huge fan of hip-hop. The genre's influence is quite noticeable in Sheeran's music, with the "Shape of You" singer sometimes delivering blistering rhymes on his own songs over guitar.

He's been seen riding around with self-proclaimed "king of anthems" DJ Khaled in a Rolls Royce Wraith and hanging out with Maybach Music leader Rick Ross. And in many cases, Sheeran's chopping up with hip-hop stars results in a collaboration.

Sheeran has featured on tracks with Lupe Fiasco, Hoodie Allen and Macklemore, to name a few, and he even made an entire four-song EP with Yelawolf. His most recent rap collab is with the one and only Eminem on the Revival track "River," which Sheeran seemingly favors "River" himself, as he has called it "the highlight of my career." But all of his features are pretty great, so which one would you consider the highlight of Ed's career? Take a listen to them all and vote below!