'Search Party' Star John Early Crushes' Britney Spears' Holiday Classic 'My Only Wish (This Year)': Watch

Scott Kowalchyk/CBS
Jon Early on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Dec. 14, 2017.

Early totally makes Brit's Christmas song his own.

As a devout atheist and son of two ministers, Christmas is huge for Search Party star John Early. The actor couldn't help getting into the spirit of the season, though, on Thursday night's (Dec. 15) appearance on The Late Show, sharing with host Stephen Colbert that his absolute favorite holiday song is by fellow southerner Britney Spears, the 2000 classic "My Only Wish (This Year)." 

"As a devout atheist Christmas is huge for me, especially Christmas music," said Early, who came dressed to impress with a robin's egg-blue satin shirt. "So I'm going to sing you my favorite Christmas song if that's okay," he asked an overwhelmed Colbert. "I'm gonna sing a song by Ms. Britney Jean Spears, who I coincidentally do a shocking impression of, born completely out of love, by the way." 

Early explained that while the song didn't crush the larger pop culture, it did dent his "adolescent gay heart," mostly because of a truly unique trick the singer pulls off in the track he describes as an "isolated vocal fry," which, in this case unusually does not lead into a larger note afterwards. It sounds confusing, but Early makes it sound beautiful.

Watch and then stick around to hear Late Show bandleader Jon Batiste perform a moving solo piano rendition of "Winter Wonderland."