Watch Behind the Scenes Footage From Grace VanderWaal's 'So Much More Than This' Video

Courtesy Photo
Grace VanderWaal behind the scenes of "So Much More Than This"

12-year-old Grace VanderWaal suggests that everyone “ignore the world and let the music cave in” in a two-part behind-the-scenes clip for her video, “So Much More Than This.” The single comes from her debut album, Just the Beginning, which peaked at No. 22 spot on the Billboard 200 albums chart last month.

In the first clip, the America’s Got Talent season 11 winner shows the world her fun-loving, bubbly personality. She loves dancing, doing random handshakes with her production, and her Instagram-famous pug, Frankie. The first video is of her in the studio not enjoying herself, and finding no “inspo.” She appears frustrated, as she sits around crumbled pieces of paper.

In the second clip, VanderWaal is seen running in a field with her pug until he jumps on her, and gets her a little dirty -- but that doesn’t halt production. VanderWaal also explains the significance of finding a box in the field, full of letters from real fans.

"So Much More" is about realizing that there are so much more to life than being wrapped up in drama, social media and things that will not matter later. “It’s about being able to get out of that and see the greater picture in what will make you happy,” VanderWaal adds. “Realize that there’s so much more than what you’re getting caught up on.” 

Watch both clips below: