10 Times Beyonce Was a Normal Human Like the Rest of Us

Believe it or not, Beyoncé is a human being. Shocking, right? Despite the immense amount of talent and power the Queen wields, the Bey Hive was recently shown that their leader is a mere mortal who enjoys a well-organized discount retailer as much as the next person.

One fan was particularly excited when they came across the superstar in their local Target, following her around the store to collect proof of the momentous occasion.

Here are nine other times Queen Bey proved she's limited to the corporeal form, like the rest of us less-talented earth dwellers.

She sometimes misses her mark.

If it weren’t for a two second overhead camera shot, this mistake would have slipped past her army of fans. While performing “Crazy in Love” at the Super Bowl, Beyoncé laid down on the stage amidst a choreographed light display, only to end up three feet away from a lit-up outline of where her body was supposed to be.

She falls.

Beyoncé is probably the only person to ever make rollerblading look like a hobby of the goddesses, commanding attention as she skated across the screen for her Ivy Park promotional visuals. That is, until she tried to show off with a little spin, and came tumbling down. She was a good sport though, laughing and saying, “You wanted that shot? You got that shot.”

She rides a bike.

Beyoncé can get where she wants, when she wants, even when its her own 2013 tour date at Barclays Center. The singer quite literally biked across the Brooklyn Bridge, all the way to the venue, even stopping to take a few scenic pics along the way. From the looks of them, no one really got over-excited about the celebrity sighting, as no true New Yorker would, and her bike ride was completed without the fuss of paparazzi or fans.


I biked to Barclays for my last show in Brooklyn!

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She naps.

Even pop queens get sleepy. Beyoncé shared an adorable candid photo napping with baby Blue Ivy all the way back in 2014.


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She sneezes (on the beat, and the beat got sicker).

Sneezing wouldn’t seem like such a bummer if we all had a stadium full of admirers ready to cheer “bless you” in the moments after.

She gets corny as hell.

Every great set of besties has a silly secret handshake. Michelle Williams shared one with Beyoncé that featured lyrics to the tune of the Inspector Gadget theme song.

She wears Spanx.

Beyoncé proved to be absolutely ingenious, but nevertheless human, when the paparazzi snagged a pic of the singer wearing self-altered Spandex shorts under a stunning green gown. One leg was cut short to not interfere with the visual effect of the thigh slit, which had all fans thinking, “How had I not thought of that before?”

She goes the extra mile when Spanx don’t cut it.

Barbara Walters asked the pop legend the tough questions on The View - even about something viewers couldn’t see on screen. The host asked, “Why do you have four pairs of stockings on?” to which Beyoncé replied, “Because you have to keep it supported.” Another too-real style hack.

She’s not afraid to boast about a W.

In an adorable clip shot in the style of a home-video, Beyoncé was all about her billiards win. “I whooped you,” the singer boasted before breaking down into a goofy victory dance.


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