Gwen Stefani Defends Blake Shelton's 'Sexiest Man Alive' Title: 'He's Just Such an Incredible Person'

Courtesy Photo
Gwen Stefani onĀ The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Gwen Stefani was the reason Blake Shelton ever decided to agree to the Sexiest Man Alive photo shoot for People, and she still defends the magazine's choice. Stefani sat down with Ellen DeGeneres Friday (Dec. 8) to talk everything from moving in with Shelton to Christmas music and the current wildfires in California. 

DeGeneres introduced the interview by suggesting that the title may have gone to Shelton's head, saying, "He's just full of himself now." Stefani joked, "It's tough to be around him now," before defending why she agrees that her beau is the sexiest man alive. "What defines sexy? It really is so personal," Stefani explained, "For me, it's just that big old heart and that sense of humor. He doesn't even take himself seriously, and he's just such an incredible person."

DeGeneres asked if Stefani was doing all right during the wildfires going on in California, which have displaced many celebrities as they've spread across the southern part of the state. The singer was staying in her home alone the night prior to her Ellen appearance, so of course her family was keeping tabs on her safety.

"Kingston kept texting me," Stefani claimed, "he's like, 'Mom, I'm praying for you. I hope that god puts a force field around us and the winds blow the other way.'"

On a more lighthearted note, Stefani also helped DeGeneres create the next smash hit holiday song. The host had created the titles, which she referred to as "the hardest part," and Stefani was left to improvise lyrics and melodies on the spot. The singer assisted in imagining faux titles like "The Mall Parking Blues" and "I'll Be Coming Out This Christmas." Stefani also later joined the host on stage in another segment to guess whether hilarious song titles were "Holiday Song" or "Holiday Wrong." See both festive segments below.