Did Lorde Predict The #MeToo Movement in January With Her 'Storm Coming' Tweet?

Lorde, 2017
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Lorde performs on Downtown Stage during day 1 of the 2017 Life Is Beautiful Festival on Sept. 22, 2017 in Las Vegas.

The singer warned those "old men in power" almost a year ago.

On the day that Time Magazine named "Silence Breakers" who spoke out against sexual harassment as their Person of the Year, Lorde remembered that she totally called it almost a year ago. As HuffPo noted, on Wednesday (Dec. 6) the singer tweeted "this came true I guess," with a link back to her Jan. 29, 2017, tweet in which she warned "these old men in power have a storm coming, the likes of which they cannot comprehend."

Is Lorde an oracle? Who knows? But not long after the list of powerful men (and so far it has been almost exclusively old men) accused of sexual assault or harassment began to grow, beginning with disgraced Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly in April, followed by movie producer Harvey Weinstein, Louis C.K., Matt Lauer, Pixar's John Lasseter, Jeremy Piven, Brett Ratner, Russell Simmons, Kevin Spacey, Jeffrey Tambor, James Toback, journalist Mark Halperin, Charlie Rose and dozens of other politicians, entertainers, executives and sports figures.

While Lorde was seemingly reacting to Pres. Trump's election and the massive Women's March that took place a week before with her original tweet, her follow-up thoughts also presaged what has become the de facto mood of some of those who do not support the former reality star's agenda. "The amount of hatred and fear radiating from this administration is already hard to bear, but we have to stay informed and stay outraged," she wrote.