Grace VanderWaal Finds Inspiration in Lost Letters, a Puppy & an Open Field in 'So Much More Than This' Video

Grace VanderWaal's mature voice can fool anyone into believing she is at least 30 years old, but her new video for "So Much More Than This" reminds everyone that she is still a youngster -- in the best way. 

In the video, the 13-year-old VanderWaal -- who was just honored with the Rising Star Award at Billboard Women in Music -- expresses her child-like spirit. She starts out indoors, clearly bored and frustrated attempting to write a song no avail, as crumpled pages of dead ideas pile up next to her. She steps into the studio to presumably record "So Much More Than This" when she breaks out of the room (literally) and suddenly finds herself in a bright green open field. 

She takes off running, with so much more to explore. She sees purple smoke billowing off in the distance, and when she follows it, she finds a puppy (which happens to be her real-life pup, Frankie) sprinting toward her. Frankie follows VanderWaal as she continues to explore, eventually comes across a chest full of long-lost notes. One reads: "Happiness is...being the ultimate you at all times, no matter what anyone else thinks. - Autumn Lyle." 

Inspired by what she has found, VanderWaal sits on a large collapsed tree trunk, finally able to write and properly express herself. Although it was all in her imagination, the video ends with VanderWaal opening her eyes to find herself back in the studio, happily ready to record.

Watch the full "So Much More Than This" video below: