Demi Lovato & Actor Jesse Williams Share a Volatile Love Story in 'Tell Me You Love Me' Video

Demi Lovato's video for her new single "Tell Me You Love Me" feels like a mini episode of Grey's Anatomy -- and not just because one of the ABC series' stars, Jesse Williams, plays Lovato's love interest.

The seven-minute video maintains intensity throughout, and acting performances from Lovato and Williams make it hard to believe they aren't actually a couple in real life. For the first two and a half minutes, you forget it's even a music video: Williams proposes, Lovato FaceTimes her friend to show off her new ring, and the newly engaged couple share steamy moments in bed where they intermittently say "I love you." 

Fights revolving around jealousy begin to make the love story feel a bit troubled, as it causes hesitancy toward Lovato and Williams' upcoming wedding. Once the song kicks in, it's wedding day. Lovato walks down the aisle in a Lazaro gown (this particular style can be purchased for a cool $4,290, according to a JLM Couture rep in New York) as we flashback to scenes of previous moments in their volatile relationship spanning all over the emotional spectrum.  

Will Lovato have a happily ever after in what she calls "one of my favorite videos yet"? Watch the full theatrical "Tell Me You Love Me" video and find out: 

It's an emotional rollercoaster, but Lovatics are here for it.