Fans Think Ed Sheeran's Collaboration With Beyoncé Is Simply 'Perfect'

Ed Sheeran wasn't messing around when he referred to his secret "Perfect" collaboration as an "f---ing big deal." After confirming that Beyoncé would join him on the track early Thursday (Nov. 30), fans weren't sure what to expect from two such different singers. Now that the song is out, the consensus is in, and "Perfect" is absolutely, well, perfect. 

Sheeran jokingly said he would be "Despacito"-ing the track, and from first reactions that seems to be true. Although the original song lured fans in with its intimate verses back when ÷ was first released, bringing Beyoncé on the track has elicited a much more vocal response.

Some of the best reactions have come from across from social media, as they always seem to do. Billboard has compiled some of the best reactions to this stellar new duet, below.