Maggie Lindemann is 'So Obsessed' With New Single and Pat McGrath Beauty Campaign

Maggie Lindemann
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Maggie Lindemann

Soon, you're going to be 'so obsessed' with 'Obsessed.'

Maggie Lindemann is a name synonymous with the new era of social media celebrity, and for good reason: The young singer and beauty mogul reveals brand new track "Obsessed" today (Nov. 17), just under a week after news quickly spread about her massive deal with beauty-royalty Pat McGrath.

On Sunday, LA Times revealed that McGrath had enlisted Lindemann as her latest muse, as makeup-lovers were still in the process of rejoicing over McGrath's long-awaited unlimited edition line. 

Lindemann explained to Billboard that choosing to pair the song and the beauty campaign came naturally, since the song was already written before she'd been approached by McGrath. It also makes sense that she'd be "So Obsessed" with the concept of taking on the title of muse, since she lists makeup and McGrath's incredible products as one of her own obsessions. 

The singer's musical success via Spotify streaming is undeniable, but how is Spotify going to sell makeup, you ask? Peep the screen-recording Lindemann posted to Twitter, where she shows you exactly how to find her very favorite McGrath products on her own Spotify profile. 

300 Entertainment's Kevin Liles reiterated just how well these two projects fit together, saying, “At 300 Entertainment we believe that the fashion and beauty industry go hand in hand with music, and the partnership between Maggie Lindemann and the Pat McGrath team could not be a better fit.”

Lindemann was more than excited to put the track out into the world, explaining, "I think it's a really cool song, and people are going to like it and be able to kind of relate to it, 'cause you know, I feel like we've all met someone or been with someone that was obsessed with themselves." 

Similar to the veil Lindemann can draw with her perfectly-executed curation across Instagram and Spotify, the world will get to hear all about what she has in the works at the exact moment she chooses.  The singer hinted at her future plans mentioning she was "Really excited for what's to come in the future with working on an album and touring," leaving out specifics for future revelation.

Listen to "Obsessed" and check out our conversation with Lindemann below. 

What's the inspiration behind "Obsessed?"

It's about being with someone more physically than being with them emotionally. Then, you know, obviously it's not as fun as always being a little obsessed with themselves and you're not able to really connect with them on any other level than that. It's not putting down being obsessed with yourself, because in the end it's like, "I'm obsessed with myself too." Just kind of talking about that and not being able to connect.

Of course your first tracks you released were ballads, but this sort of follows suit with your move towards upbeat releases. Is there a reason for that, or are you just finding yourself wanting to record more stuff along these lines?

I think I just like music like this, so I kind of gravitated more towards this kind of music. It had more of a dance sound than I'm used to, and I really like it. "Pretty Girl" was so dance and it turned out so well, so we thought we would try again. 

Do you have any more dance music coming out in the future or is this it for right now? 

Maybe. We're working on an album and we're trying to do a bunch of different sounds, but the dance sound is something I want to be with for a while. 

Who are some of your biggest inspirations with your music right now?

I think probably Lana del Rey. I love Lana, but then I also love music like Marshmello, and I really love 21 Savage's new album. So I'm kind of all over the place with my music.

This new track has the same title as your beauty campaign -- "Obsessed" and "So Obsessed," -- which one came first? Was the song meant to be part of the campaign, or just a cool segue? 

My song came first, and then we collaborated with Pat and came out with "So Obsessed." It wasn't all thought of at once but then once the idea came up it would be really cool to release it with Spotify and release it with the single. We thought it would be a cool collaboration kind of idea. 

How has your approach to recording changed as your sound has sort of pivoted?

It was like, getting back into the studio. I was super excited to record the song, but I think with any song I was super excited. I don't know, I felt like I had a lot of fun with this song 'cause I could relate to it so much and I just love the concept and the idea, so I did have a lot of fun recording this. I think when it comes to recording a new song I'm super hyped and ready to record. 

What are some of your biggest obsessions?

I feel like I'm obsessed with a lot of things. I'm obsessed with music. Beauty-wise, I love to do my makeup. I love to glam up and make myself feel pretty. I'm obsessed with hanging out with my friends. I'm obsessed with performing. There's a lot of things I'm obsessed with. 

Do you like sticking with your tried-and-true Spotify route, or do you hope to branch out from there?

Definitely branch out. I love Spotify and I love everything we've done with them, but no I would just really love to branch out obviously, with other platforms and going to radio and stuff like that too. But I love Spotify. 

Turning towards makeup, how does it feel to be the literal face of the holy grail of beauty right now? How has it all been, working with Pat? 

It's kind of crazy. I mean, she's a legend in the makeup world so the fact that I could collaborate and come out with this with her is so amazing and I've always seen her doing, you know, like runway makeup and all these fashion shows, so for me to be able to work with her myself is absolutely incredible.  

Was she always one of your go-to's for beauty? Or, do you have any other specific favorites?

Yeah, I love a bunch of different makeups but Pat's makeup is amazing. It's so nicely made, and I don't know she's a hard worker and she's been amazing to work with. Pat is definitely one of my favorites. 

How did you choose the products that you wanted to highlight via the new selling platform on Spotify?

I'm super big on my lips, my lips have always been my thing. I have big lips, so I thought you know, lipstick would be kind of good. But we chose three different colors that are all super different from each other. Which I like, that they're all super different and then, lip is the same. We just thought that'd be a cool fun idea, and I always wanted to do something with makeup -- so it all worked out. 


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