Amanda Mair Calls New 'To the Moon' EP a 'Journey Through Personal Struggle & Love'

Amanda Mair
Kitty Lingmerth

Amanda Mair

Swedish singer-songwriter Amanda Mair is officially releasing her new EP To The Moon (Despotz Records) on Friday (Nov. 17), but you can stream it now exclusively on Billboard. The five-song EP weaves through the tangle of emotions Mair experienced as she grew from a teenager thrust into the spotlight to the young woman she is today. 

"I wrote the first chords of To The Moon two years ago," Mair tells Billboard. "To The Moon is about a journey through personal struggle and love. Every song from my EP is like a puzzle piece in my life that I’ve continually been twisting and turning to fit. The songs express different feelings; anxiety, peace, insecurity, happiness, destructiveness and strength. These feelings stayed with me during the process of writing To The Moon. Today it feels like a book about how I please only myself, not others. It feels like I’ve had to travel to the moon to figure that out." 

Mair graduated high school in 2013, after she had already received praise for her 2011 debut single "House" and self-titled debut album the following year. At the time, The Washington Post had high praise for "House," saying "The 16 (yes, 16)-year-old Mair sounds more like Kate Bush than Kate Bush does on her gorgeous, grown-up debut track."

With To The Moon, Mair sounds explicitly like Amanda Mair.  In a press release, "Stay You and I" is described as "a triumphant song about overcoming personal problems to salvage a relationship. It is an admission of faults that reveal flaws in everyone."

The track features Mair singing softly until the chorus hits, when she belts, "I lost my mind / I do it all the time / Stay you and I." 

The third track "Wednesday" -- described as "an beautiful and atmospheric swan song" -- could put listeners in a trance with its melody, if not for such searing lyrics as "It tastes like water / Burns like summer / And all I wanted was to stay with you."

Listen to the full To The Moon EP below: