Around The World With Ed Sheeran: 5 of His 'Divide' Destination Music Videos

Ed Sheeran gets to travel around the world as one of the most successful musicians going, and in his videos, he's decided to vicariously bring his fans with him to some favorite spots. Most recently, this morning (Nov. 9) Sheeran released a video for "Perfect" that was filmed in the snowy mountains of Hintertux, Austria.

Throughout the video, Sheeran is on a group ski trip -- complete with flannel, luxurious lodge and love interest (played by Zoey Deutch). We get aerial views of the snow-laden mountains in the day and at night.

Take a look at four other destination videos from Sheeran's Divide album.

"Bibia Be Ye Ye" (Ghana)

In August, Sheeran released a surprise video for "Bibia Be Ye Ye." He described the meaning behind the video in an Instagram post: "Since it's summer I wanted to put out a video for Bibia Be Ye Ye that was made by a fantastic director called @GyoGyimah and all filmed in Ghana. I visited Ghana last year to make music... and whilst there was exposed to such wonderful culture, food, music and scenery. Me and Fuse wanted to showcase all of these things in a music video to show off the beauty of it.

"This isn't a single, but it's the summer, and why not have a summer song come out with a feel good video for people to enjoy. It's on YouTube now, just search Ed Sheeran - Bibia Be Ye Ye. And make sure you visit Ghana, it's incredible. Enjoy the video !x"

"Galway Girl" (Galway, Ireland)

The song title gives away the location here, but it's still worthy nonetheless. In the video, filmed at O'Connells Bar and The Herons Rest in Galway and shot by Sheeran himself, we begin at one of Sheeran's gigs in Ireland. Shortly after, a time-lapse takes us to the pub where we see various people enjoying the evening.

Later on in the video, Sheeran takes to the streets and sees Irish step dancers who can't believe the redhead that's just decided to film them. They freak out, and he signs a Rolling Stone magazine cover and one of the girl's leg casts.

"Shape of You" (Seattle)

Prior to a show in July, Sheeran told Power 93.3 that this video wasn't supposed to be shot in Seattle. 

"It got to December last year and I was meant to be shooting this music video, and this guy had this crazy idea of me jumping out of a plane skydiving singing it backwards,” he explained. “And last minute, I was like, 'I don't want to do that. I don't want to jump out of a plane.' So they were like, 'You have to think of an idea within a day, then.'”

So Sheeran, being a fan of the Seattle-born rapper Macklemore, called on his director Jason Koenig. In the video, Sheeran plays a boxer who falls in love with another boxer. Together they take the city after an intense training session, leading up to an underground sumo wrestling match.

"Castle On The Hill" (Framlingham, Suffolk, England)

There was no other place for Sheeran to film the video for "Castle On The Hill" than at home. The song (and accompanying visual) tells the story of Sheeran growing up with his pals, remembering a simpler time before they all grew up and got complicated.

Also congruent with the lyrics, the video ends with a view of the Framlingham Castle off in the distance.