Taylor Swift Shares an Intimate Peek Into 'Reputation' Secret Sessions

The Reputation Secret Sessions
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The Reputation Secret Sessions

iHeartRadio will air exclusive audio from the session on Friday (Nov. 10).

No one can mess with a Swiftie, especially when Secret Sessions are involved. Over the past year, Taylor Swift invited 500 of her biggest stans to secret listening parties for her upcoming album, Reputation, which even though it has been in the ears of hundreds of eager listeners, has remained almoste entirely under wraps ahead of its Nov. 10 release. 

On Tuesday (Nov. 7) Swift posted a behind-the-scenes look at these Secret Sessions and it's filled with adorable candid clips of fans freaking out about her new release. The crunchy opening notes to "...Ready For It?" offer a hefty reveal to a fan claim, "This is like, the best day of my entire life," after Swift welcomed a hoard of screaming fans to the Sessions. 

"Everything about this album is a secret," Swift noted as she danced in an armchair while playing her new tracks off her iPhone to a seated crowd of fans at her feet. 

"It's so different, but so her," one fan exclaimed, adding, "I am so excited to blast it in my car every single day once it comes out." Another fan added, "The new tunes are phenomenal. I think Taylor overall, whether it be her music or right now is living her best, unapologetically honest life." 

For those who weren't lucky enough to receive an invite to the secret session, iHeartRadio will be unveiling never-before-heard audio from the party in an hour-long special starting at 8 p.m. the night of the album's release. And beginning at midnight ET on Nov. 10, iHeartRadio’s Pop and Hot AC stations across the country will play a new track off of Reputation at the top of every hour leading up to the listening party special.

Get the full behind-the-scenes look at the exclusive Secret Sessions in the video below and get more information about the iHeartRadio broadcast here.