Australian Electropop Producer Jonti Returns With New LP 'Tokorats': Exclusive

Michael Spears

Australian producer Jonti is confidently making a return to music with his first new LP in 5 years, titled Tokorats, out now. This comes after the release of "Scrood," a collaboration with Internet member Steve Lacy, earlier this year.

The album's opener, "Lotus Street," mirrors much of Jonti's older, more ambient sound; as the album progresses, the beat picks up and the mood shifts to become a more upbeat, sun-drenched, and kaleidoscopic record, showing a side of Jonti we rarely hear. "Sleeping and Falling," released in September, is a colorful sonic vision that lands on the whimsical side of pop. Songs like "Island Rose," "Zuki," and "Cities" contain elements of R&B and psychedelic pop that embody Jonti's sonic expansion over his five-year hiatus. 

The album is Jonti's way of showing fans -- both old and new -- a new artistic style that he's only previously dabbled in. Perhaps it makes sense, then, that the album name stems from the myth of the Tokorat -- a multicolored mutant animal composed of all the elements of your life's story and all the complexities of your character. 

Give the album a listen below.