Maroon 5 Reveal Why New Album Artwork is Snapchat Themed

Maroon 5
Travis Schneider

Maroon 5

In early October, Maroon 5 announced its forthcoming sixth studio album Red Pill Blues. Due out Nov. 3, the 10-track album features already released collaborations with SZA ("What Lovers Do"), A$AP Rocky ("Whiskey") and Julia Michaels ("Help Me Out"). The pop outfit fittingly shared the Snapchat-themed album artwork on its own account, while frontman Adam Levine promoted it on his account, too -- hinting that the cover is simply just a sign of the times.

"We all use Snapchat, and the Filters have become a huge part of the culture," Adam Levine tells Billboard. "We thought it would be funny to take some more straight-ahead band photos and sprinkle in a little fun."

"It's like, a part of the zeitgeist now," the group's lead guitarist James Valentine adds, hinting that the Levines are quite the avid Snapchatters. "Adam and his wife, they just love trading photos when we're touring and stuff. They're always doing those filter faces to each other, so I think it rose out of that. Adam always has fun with that."

Valentine also explained that the album's Matrix-referencing title, Red Pill Blues, lent itself to a cover with an underlying meaning. But as the sixth Maroon 5 album, they couldn't take themselves too seriously -- hence the dog ears and flower crowns. "The Matrix analogy [alludes] the fact that we're kind of seeing things through these different filters, and we're presenting these different versions of ourself to the world through social media. But also, it kind of just looks funny [Laughs]." 

Check out the album artwork below.