Watch My Silent Bravery Confront Social Media Pressures in 'Girl You Think You Know' Video: Exclusive

My Silent Bravery
Michael Sparks Keegan

My Silent Bravery

My Silent Bravery is releasing a poignant video exclusively through Billboard today (Oct. 30) to pair with his single "Girl You Think You Know," which arrived earlier this month. My Silent Bravery (real name Matthew Wade) is from Boston and has an ardent Northeastern following, but with "Girl You Think You Know," he spreads a universal message. 

In the video, Livy Poulin portrays an insecure young woman doing everything she can to impress while "dying on the inside, crying on the inside" -- wearing wigs, putting on makeup, posing for the perfect photos. The artist sings over acoustic guitars, "There's beauty in her smile/ It's gold and real to me/ That's the girl I choose to see/ The girl you think you know/ Dying on the inside, crying on the inside."

"'Girl You Think You Know' highlights the pressures women face with the need to project a ‘perfect’ life online," My Silent Bravery tells Billboard. "Sadly, it is affecting the well-being of one-in-three girls based on recent research. Time and time again men, women and families feel the need to portray their 'best self' on social media; and unfortunately, it’s not always accurate and can be extremely misleading. We all wish our online selves were authentic versions of ourselves, but the reality is they are far from it. I felt it was important to be empathetic to what these girls are going through." 

He adds: "With the advent of the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the #metoo movement on social media, I hope that this song can help show that there are men out there who are sensitive to this very important subject. I wish to help shed light on some of the things they go through in life to feel accepted and loved. Ultimately, I hope the song encourages women to feel an enhanced sense of self-love, acceptance, and boosted self-esteem."

Watch the full "Girl You Think You Know" video below: