Swifties Are Freaking Out Over These Seven Hidden Messages in Taylor Swift's Futuristic '...Ready for It?' Video

No detail is too small for Swifties. Immediately after Taylor Swift’s anticipated “…Ready for It?” video debuted at midnight (Oct. 27) superfans began noting all the references sprinkled throughout the eye-popping, future shock visual packed with the kind of insider Easter eggs Tay loves to hide. 

Swift’s current beau, Joe Alwyn, is referenced plenty in the clip, one time with his name in Chinese written on a wall (according to a fan). Alwyn’s first name also appears in English, spray-painted with a halo above it in another scene. Though the name references could also be meant for video director and frequent collaborator Joseph Kahn, it’s still pretty cute.

The other references to Alwyn are a bit more specific, though. Alwyn’s birthday comes up twice, once with his birth year, ‘91, spray-painted next to Swift’s, ’89, behind the singer.  Swift also punches his Feb. birth date, the 21st, into a keypad.

There are no snakes slithering around set this time like in the "Look What You Made Me Do" video, but in what fans think is a continued reference to Taylor's much-publicized feud with Kim Kardashian, the slithering symbol pops up in a sign emblazoned with “Year of the Snake” in Chinese. Swift also happens to have been born in the Year of the Snake. 

Swift herself returned to tumblr and possibly confirmed one of the Swiftie-revealed Easter eggs from the video. A user screen-grabbed the various phrases spray-painted onto the wall, including “All Eyes on Us,” “UR Gorgeous,” “This Is Enough,” and “I Love You In Secret.” Since Swift’s latest song “Gorgeous” is one of the phrases, maybe the rest are also upcoming Reputation tracks?

Kahn may have pointed out a connection as well with his reaction tweet to a fan's suggestion. After one Swiftie noted the similarity between a certain album artwork and how Swift’s name appeared in the video, the director tweeted “Nils Sjöbot,” the cyborg equivalent of Swift’s songwriting pseudonym on ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris’ track “This Is What You Came For.”

One fan hilariously tweeted, “The old horse can’t come to the phone right now,” and pointed out that the white horse from the “Blank Space” video had a cyborg cameo appearance in the new video.

The rest of the references are a bit more subtle, as one fan contemplated whether Swift is trying to set “herself free from what the media depicts her to be” in the scene where she comes face to face with her curly haired, nearly naked self and tries to break down the wall between them.

Given the multiplicity of Taylors that appear in this video, it’s not hard to guess that people would draw connections to the pile of Swifts in the “Look What You Made Me Do” video. But some Swifties took it above and beyond to point out all the similar poses. 

Check out the video below.