Ingrid Michaelson Reminds That Climate Change Is Real on 'Full Frontal With Samantha Bee'

Ingrid Michaelson
Courtesy of TBS

Ingrid Michaelson performs "(Earth is) Not OK" on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.

Last night (Oct. 25), Samantha Bee had a climate change-focused episode of Full Frontal. Bee reminds the audience that climate change is no longer a theoretical thing of the future; it’s here, real and ruining Earth.

After continuous horrific hurricanes, including Hurricane Maria, Bee wishes that Mother Nature would let us know climate change has arrived in a nicer way, such as “with [her] words and through the lips of the amazing Ingrid Michaelson.” Michaelson appeared, dressed as the globe, toting a ukulele and singing a climate change-themed version of her 2008 Billboard Hot 100 hit “Be OK."

Michaelson changes the song's chorus to sing, “I’m getting warmer every day, every day, every day. Climate change is fucking me, oy vey!” and features background dancers wearing cutouts of hurricanes, Puerto Rico, and more nature-themed elements as Michaelson calls out Donald Trump’s paper towel fiasco in the island and his excessive golf playing during the crisis.

She reminds the audience that when you deny climate change, you lose all her best resources, even Bey: “All you need I gave away, gave away, gave away, food, and drink, and air, and Beyonce.”  

Watch the performance below.