Lenka Ditches John Mayer in Billboard's '1 Has 2 Go'

“I’ll ditch John Mayer. He’s ditched," says the Australian singer.

In the latest installment of Billboard's "1 Has 2 Go" series, Lenka is put to the test when she is presented with three items and must eliminate one of those three items. 

The Australian singer came ready to play, bringing along a jubilant attitude and sense of humor to take on the feat. She weighed in on many serious rounds of categories: Instagram, Twitter or Facebook? Ukulele, Keys or iPhone? But there was one round that had the indie pop artist smiling loud and proud: Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney or John Mayer? While the decision was difficult, she quickly uttered John Mayer.

“I’ll ditch John Mayer. He’s ditched," the 39-year-old says as she rolls her eyes and giggles.  

Watch the full episode above for more from Lenka.