Taylor Swift's '...Ready for It?' Video Teaser: 5 Fan-Theorized References You Might Have Missed

Taylor Swift's new video for "...Ready for It?" won't be out until Thursday (Oct. 26), but that hasn't stopped fans from theorizing about the video's content based on a trailer Swift released on Monday.

The preview features a number of shots that have left viewers speculating about what the video will address -- among them, Swift's relationships with Kanye West, her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris and even herself. Here are five of the most plausible theories about the video that fans are talking about.

Taylor's Robotic Nude Body: A Dig at Kanye?

In the "...Ready for It?" preview, Swift's most striking look is a robotic, nude bodysuit, marking the first time Swift has bared that much of her body. Some fans believe that this move is a direct dig at Kanye West, who infamously modeled a naked wax figure in her likeness for his "Famous" video. 

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/p7FCgw_GlWc?rel=0&amp;start=446" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

She's Fighting a Clone of Herself

Taylor's robot persona can be seen interacting with a hooded heroine doppelgänger in a number of shots. Could it be a reference "the old Taylor" who's now "dead," from "Look What You Made Me Do"?

She's Might Be Referencing Calvin Harris

In the video's title card, the song's title and Swift's name appear over a stormy backdrop, with dark clouds and lightning. Another piece of imagery in pop music that resembles this? The artwork for ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris' "This Is What You Came For" featuring Rihanna, which Swift claimed songwriting credit for after they had broken up. 

Taylor is a Video Game Character -- And the Game is a Metaphor For Her Reputation

One fan on Tumblr theorizes that one of the characters Swift portrays in the video -- a girl wearing a hoodie -- is a gamer, and the glowing robot Taylor is her character inside the game. When hoodie Taylor touches the screen with robot Taylor on the other side, the screen shatters. According to the fan, this can be interpreted as Swift's feeling like she's locked in a screen for all to see, for all to turn on and off as they please. Hoodie Taylor then shatters the screen and sets the robot Taylor behind the screen free, proving "she will never be controlled or put in a box again."

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The Video Is Linked to "Look What You Made Me Do"

In one shot, Swift is seen standing on something that resembles a stage that reads "burn all the witches" in spray paint. Some observant fans, however, noticed that it somewhat resembles the spray-painted plane in the "Look What You Made Me Do" video. Could this mean that the videos are related in some way -- maybe as part of a series, or even a visual album?