P!nk Recalls the Night She & Christina Aguilera Almost Brawled: 'She Swung at Me in a Club'

The two singers have since made amends.

During Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live, P!nk shared details about her feud with Christina Aguilera as part of the "Plead the Fifth" segment. Since the early 2000s the two have become friends, but before it was rocky enough that fists were thrown. 

P!nk admitted to Cohen that the bad blood was due to their egos. She said, "“We were super young and super new at the whole thing, and I think I’m an alpha, and she’s an alpha. I’m used to taking my altercations physical and she’s used to having them verbal. We’re just very different, we’re very different. And we were very young and new."

The singer added that at the time, she had yet to learn the feminist ideal that women need to support other women. "You have to learn — women have to learn how to support each other,” P!nk continued. “It’s not taught to each other in the playground."

Cohen asked if the feud ever became physical, as P!nk had mentioned that was her fighting style, and she divulged that it was true. P!nk recalled, "Actually, she swung at me in a club. Hilarious! I was like, ‘What’s happening right now? What’s happening?'”

The clash allegedly had its roots in the recording of the superstar female collaboration "Lady Marmalade," when both singers wanted to claim the highest notes for themselves. They have since gotten past the school-choir-esque fight, P!nk explained, stating, She’s so talented and deep down I’ve had bad days, too,” she said. “She’s a really sweet person. We made up on The Voice. I mean, it was funny, I laughed. I hadn’t seen her in years and years and years."

The singer added that the time apart had aided in coming back together: “We became moms. We grew up. We hugged it out. It’s that simple. I feel so good about that.” A spokesperson for Aguilera could not be reached at press time.

Watch P!nk's entire recollection of the almost-fight with Aguilera below.