Daphne Willis Chooses Between Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus & Taylor Swift: 1 Has 2 Go

In the latest installment of Billboard's "1 Has 2 Go" series, Daphne Willis is put to the test when she is presented with three items and must eliminate one of those three items. 

The soulful singer-songwriter played the game like a champ, ruling out respectable items on some serious matters: Burger King, McDonald's or Wendy's? Cinderella, Elsa or Snow White? But the one round that had the multi-talented artist at a lost of words was the female pop artist category, forcing her to eliminate one of the most popular pop stars of our time: Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, or Taylor Swift? While the decision was difficult, she ultimately booted Miley.  

"That's a hard one. I'm gonna go with Miley," the 30-year-old admitted. "Just because out of all of them, in terms of how much material they have out, I think that she has the least amount that I actually listen to. 

Watch the full episode above for more on Daphne Willis.