Maroon 5's 'Red Pill Blues': 6 Things We Want to Hear on the Band's Sixth Album

Maroon 5
Travis Schneider

Maroon 5

Maroon 5 is officially making its return on Nov. 3 with their sixth studio album, Red Pill Blues, as the band announced earlier this month. With their SZA-featuring single “What Lovers Do” continuing the climb the Billboard Hot 100 (currently at No. 18, chart dated Oct. 28), fans are eager to see what else the guys have in store.

Take look to what we’d like to see on Red Pill Blues below.

A throwback to the Songs About Jane Era

If you’ve been following of Maroon 5 since their debut, you’re aware that they’ve definitely picked up on the production side of things with their songs. The produced sound has, of course, resulted in some serious hits, but some OG fans aren’t so thrilled with the heavy beats and would prefer the more raw guitar the guys showed off on Songs About Jane. Who knows, they could have a song that’s been around since the SAJ days that they’re just now releasing in 2017 -- but even if it's all fresh material, hopefully the guys pulled a little sound inspiration from where it all began in 2002.

The best rap feature yet

Maroon 5 landed two of the biggest players in the rap game, Kendrick Lamar and Future, for their two non-album singles prior to Red Pill Blues, and nabbed Wiz Khalifa for perhaps their most iconic rap collab to date (2012's "Payphone"). As revealed on their track list for the latest album, A$AP Rocky guest stars on a track titled “Whiskey,” and we’re ready to hear what the latest Maroon 5/rapper combo sounds like. The A$AP Mob member killed it with his 2015 pop collab on Selena Gomez’s “Good For You” and we’re hoping he can top that when he steps up to the M5 plate.

Another Hot 100 No. 1-worthy jam

The guys have landed three songs atop the Hot 100 in their career (“Makes Me Wonder,” “Moves Like Jagger" and “One More Night”), but haven’t seen a No. 1 since the Overexposed single “One More Night” in 2012. They’ve since nabbed six top 10 hits on the chart -- with 2015’s “Sugar” peaking at No. 2 -- so we’re anxious to hear another track that’s so incredible it shoots to the top.

A creative drug metaphor

Levine and Co. can leave the Percocet and Molly references to “Cold” collaborator Future, but with an album name like Red Pill Blues, it’s hard not to anticipate that at least drug reference will be made on the album. Perhaps something like Justin Timberlake’s “Pusher Love Girl,” which metaphorically compares to a lover to a drug dealer. The songs titled “Lips On You” and “Best 4 U” seem to be the best possibilities for drug-related lyrics, but you never know what to expect with Maroon 5.

An acoustic track

Maroon 5 have had hit after hit since they broke onto the scene with “Harder to Breathe” in 2002, but for the most part those have been upbeat bangers built for radio airwaves. Of course we want to hear more production-laced songs like “Help Me Out,” but the guys haven't officially released anything acoustic since Songs About Jane sessions in 2004 (1.22.03 Acoustic), it's time for another stripped-down track. At the very least, a soulful ballad would be great -- hearing Levine croon “Lost Stars" for Begin Again in 2014 has us wanting a song that heartfelt on Red Pill Blues

More irresistible hooks

Whether you can’t get enough of them or find them annoying after the first listen, it’s hard to deny that the hooks Maroon 5 have crafted over the years are some of the catchiest around. While “What Lovers Do” has a pretty solid “ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh” in it, we’re ready for an entire album full of 'em. Bring it, Nov. 3.