Ariana Grande's Gravity-Defying 'My Everything' Cover Spawns Best New Conspiracy

How did Ariana Grande manage to stay balanced on that stool and still look hot? Did she really ever sit on that stool? BuzzFeed producer Jesse McLaren put the iconic My Everything pose to the test on Sunday (Oct. 15) and the internet can't get enough. 

Twitter put the scientific method into action and called out discrepancies between McLaren and Grande's attempts, including the ponytail that "balances everything out." Bottom line: challenge accepted and there were no shortage of people willing to test their core strength, incluing Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas, who tweeted "NOOO... I'm donneeee" at McLaren's ponytail selfie. 

McLaren tweeted, "the plot thickens," when he was tweeted the outtake shots from the original My Everything photo shoot, which could possibly prove that she did, in fact, sit on that stool. 

Grande eventually replied, but didn't give away the mystery behind the shot. Is this a task for Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman? Grande seemed to think so. 

McLaren was all too excited to finally have the singer in on the Twitter action. He quote tweeted her reaction a few hours later, captioned "ME: (to my future child) 'The day you were born was the second best day of my life.'"

McLaren continued to enjoy the outpour of attention on Twitter, retweeting other users' attempts at recreating the pose. He even embraced the easy jabs, including one particular gem, "She's lean and nimble, you're large and clunky. That's why she's the superstar."

Read through a few more of the hilarious reactions from Twitter below.