Pink's 8 Most Defiant 'Beautiful Trauma' Lyrics

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Pink performs during the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Festival at T-Mobile Arena on Sept. 22, 2017 in Las Vegas.

Pink has never held her tongue. The singer has survived and thrived in the music industry for two decades, proudly and loudly doing things her own way since day one. Her seventh album, Beautiful Trauma, released today (Oct. 13) is no exception. The mother of two does not plan on backing down from the fight anytime soon, and she lays it all on the line on just about ever track on the 13-song release.

To take a closer look at Pink’s everlasting protest-spirit, Billboard has compiled a list of the 8 most defiant lyrics on Beautiful Trauma:

“Revenge” ft. Eminem

“He can't just get away with it, eye for eye, you piece of shit/ You treat us like a garbage pit, let me at him, wait for it, wait for it, wait for it”

Thursday night (Oct. 12) on The Tonight Show, Pink admitted to writing this song after having downed quite a bit of wine. In the second verse, Pink gathers her girlfriends to plot revenge, and in the delivery of the end of the line, “wait for it, wait for it,” switches to a sing-songy voice from her previous rapping to show that her girlfriends are holding her back from the fight.

“Whatever You Want”

“Thinkin' 'bout the time you said that I was your heart, baby/ Trying to understand how a grown man goes on without a body part, baby/ I could walk away/ I could always cash my chips and I’d be okay, baby “

Pink mentions she still knows she doesn’t need anyone but herself, even as she sings about wanting to try and reconcile a failing relationship.


“What About Us”

“Sticks and stones, they may break these bones/ But then I’lll be ready, are you ready?/ It’s the start of us, waking up come on/ Are you ready? I’ll be ready”

In a song of questions, Pink doesn’t need the answers to be ready to fight. She’s ready to “let go” and keep on going.

“But We Lost It”

“Still the girl that you chased all around the world/ I haven't changed, just replaced all the chains with pearls”

In the bridge, Pink sings “oh, the bone breaks/ It grows back stronger” and that’s exactly what she depicts through the past love narrative of the entire song. Pink broke through the chains that were holding her back, and replaced them with something beautiful, decorative.

“Where We Go”

“This world we know/ It takes our bodies, not our souls/ It takes us high and leaves us low/ But they honestly never imagined we'd get this far”

Pink remains proud as she contemplates the afterlife in “Where We Go,” singing of the unforgiving world but also reminding the listener that they’ve already pushed past so much resistance.

“I Am Here”

“I've already seen the bottom, so there's nothing to fear/ I know that I'll be ready when the devil is near”

It can literally only get better from here, according to Pink. When evil comes closer, she’ll be ready to fight because she’s been there, done that, over it.

“Wild Hearts Can’t be Broken”

“The stones you throw can make me bleed/ But I won't stop until we're free/ And wild hearts can't be broken”

This track is the ultimate protest-pop-anthem Pink had in her all along. It’ll easily transfer to the political action scene, with instrumentals that are poppy enough to keep high spirits and words that are both affirmative and rebellious.

“You Get My Love” 

“Once again I have to risk it all/ The time is now/ But you get my love, baby”

Not exactly a protest song, but Pink is surely protesting the end of this relationship. The title of the song is repeated many times throughout the track, but its repetition emphasizes the desperation of the plea. It’s as if love is all she has to give, and in the quiet hours of the morning as her partner is waking up, she puts it all out there one last time in hopes that the moment can live on. 


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