8 Ways Kesha's Rainbow Tour Is Essentially Rainbow-Colored, Glitter-Spattered Pop Church

Kesha, 2017
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Kesha performs during the Rainbow tour at Hammerstein Ballroom on Oct. 9, 2017 in New York City. 

Whether you're an Animal or not, you probably have an idea of what Kesha has been through in the last several years. And if you've given her latest album, Rainbow, even just one spin, you're fully aware of the strength that's come from the struggles. But if you have a chance to see her Rainbow Tour, you'll see that this is the start of a completely new chapter of putting the negative in the past -- and that her fans are at the forefront of it.

From the moment you walk in the venue doors, you're immersed in this community of people that are all proudly wearing off-the-wall get-ups and covered in glitter, smiling and ready to have a good time. And once Kesha takes the stage, it's almost like she's the preacher ready to deliver one hell of an inspirational sermon -- in the happiest, sparkliest church you'll ever witness.

Take a look at some highlights from Kesha's Rainbow Tour that make it feel like a religious experience of its own. 

Her elaborately decorated fans

If you're looking for proof that Kesha has one of the most loyal and passionate followings in the business, all you need to do is go to one of her shows. The amount of glitter on people’s bodies, multi-colored apparel and even fantastical accessories (like unicorn horns) is so abundant that it’s hard not to feel full of glee walking through the crowd. This is especially true when Kesha is on stage, as the crowd never seems to lose its stamina because they’re embracing every word, whether she’s singing it or saying it.


--------I ? Glitter Beards. Bring your best glitter beards to the #rainbowtour --------

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Her band/orchestra (that gets super into it)

While Kesha has plenty of energy to keep the place electrified herself, her band -- some of whom double as back-up dancers -- is just as locked into the entire show as she is. Even when things slow down, Kesha makes things special by bringing out a mini orchestra section to accompany on strings. And with the Dap-Kings Horns joining for "Woman," it’s one full-band dance party after another.

Woman (Live in Silver Spring, MD)

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Her motivational speeches

Kesha's live set almost feels like a group therapy session, but nothing needs to be discussed because you already know everyone's reason for being there -- so instead, you dance and sing with glitter and confetti. Yet, she still loved delivering lines of hope, with one of her most empowering moments coming before her oldie-but-goodie hit “We R Who We R”: "I am sick and tired of bully people telling us we can’t be who we want to be all the fucking time,” she said at New York City's Hammerstein Ballroom show on Oct. 9. "'Cause we are who we mother fucking are. And I love you all just the way you are, so be yourself unapologetically always, please."

The speech between We R Who We R is so amazing and I love her so much why is she honestly the best @KeshaRose #kesha pic.twitter.com/a9D7sjRqdB

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Her family sing-along

Although Kesha’s mom, Pebe Sebert, may not be able to make a guest appearance in every city, she did in New York and what a special moment it was. Momma Kesha was actually the one who wrote Kesha’s Rainbow track “Godzilla” and, after explaining that to the crowd, Kesha brought her out to sing together. Seeing the joy on their faces as they hold each other and sing made for quite the sentimental performance.

Her angelic outfit

After starting out in an embroidered black jacket and gold blouse, Kesha swaps the fierce ensemble for a softer look, a white dress with feathery fringe that resembles an angel costume. Even when she’s singing one of her more upbeat tunes, she looks like quite the rocking angel worthy of a glowing halo -- especially when she showers the crowd with glitter and confetti.


?? destroying my animals with glitter on the #rainbowtour ----------

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Her “Praying" performance

This is perhaps the most euphoric moment of the entire show, with her dynamic ballad serving as the pre-encore closer that sees Kesha giving every ounce of energy she has left (despite the encore still being on the way). With Kesha still in her white outfit, spotlights shine on only her, and the crowd subsequently goes silent in awe. There’s no denying that the Rainbow track is her most emotional to date and the impassioned performance certainly does the vulnerability justice.


---------------- Animals, it's so amazing to hear you sing this song. #praying ----------

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Her "Hey Jude" moment 

No, Kesha doesn’t cover The Beatles in her set, but her closing song “Bastards” features a sway-along "Na na na" part that is reminiscent of the hook in “Hey Jude,” and naturally the whole crowd gets really into it. And after witnessing Kesha sing “Praying” so powerfully, the chills pretty much just continue to the end.

Her closing remarks

As if she needs to say anything more upon finishing her show, she does so in the most Kesha way possible: "I hope when you leave here you're filled with love and all the good stuff. I'm trying to exude all the love in my body as much as I can."



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