Charlie Puth Plays the Scorned Lover on Funky New Track 'How Long'

Jimmy Fontaine
Charlie Puth

The second single off his forthcoming sophomore set, 'Voice Notes,' finds its groove with some R&B swagger.

After releasing the funky R&B-tinged track "Attention" earlier this year, Charlie Puth returned with new music on Thursday (Oct. 5) to share his latest single, "How Long."

The track opens with a slinky bassline "Attention," while Puth strikes an accusatorial tone singing about a lover he suspects has been cheating on him for some time. The catchy chorus indirectly poses the question to her: "How long has this been going on?/ You've been creepin' 'round on me/ While you're callin' me baby."

"How Long" marks a slight stylistic shift from the more straight forward pop sound that filled his debut album Nine Track Mind. While that album's singles "We Don't Talk Anymore" and "Marvin Gaye" also address different romantic ins-and-outs, the funkier R&B-leaning direction he's taken with "How Long" and "Attention" are new territory for Puth, which may or may not characterize the sound of his forthcoming sophomore album, Voice Notes

Listen to Puth's "How Long" below. Voice Notes is set to be released later this year.