Million Miles Can Get Everywhere Except 'Around a Broken Heart' in New Video: Exclusive

Sequoia Ziff
Million Miles

London-based singer-songwriter Million Miles is brightening the gloomy remnants of a broken heart with some outdoors time in the video for “Can’t Get Around a Broken Heart,” available exclusively through Billboard today.

The Paris-raised, Berklee College of Music trained musician -- born Sophie Baudry -- has a distinct sound that incorporates elements of multiple genres at a time, which could present a challenge in pinning down the right visual tone.

Luckily, the video is the result of a collaboration between Baudry and Sequoia Ziff, who directed the video for “Ice Cream & Cigarettes,” another track from her upcoming debut EP Berry Hill.

“I keep going back to [Ziff] because I love her style and she captures the mood of my tracks perfectly,” Baudry tells Billboard. “It’s always nice to have a friend behind the lens.”

The video manages to evokes her characteristic mix of blues and pop, with the recurring contrast of an idyllic afternoon outside with more melancholy visuals. Million Miles’ gentle, easy vibes and the video’s vibrant quality offer a light-handed guide around the tough spot at the song’s core.

Berry Hill EP is set for release on Nov. 3. Check out the video for “Can’t Get Around A Broken Heart” below.