The Night Game Unveils New Uplifting Single 'Once in a Lifetime,' Celebrates 'Refreshing' Deal With Interscope Records

The Night Game, 2017
Michael Hili

The Night Game

For only having one single to their name, The Night Game has had an eventful summer, serving as opening act for John Mayer and embarking on a 14-date headlining tour. And after all of that excitement from one song, it's time to release another: Today (Sept. 29), The Night Game unveils a new single, "Once in a Lifetime." 

A title like that sounds inspirational, and lyrically, the song is for the most part. When it comes to what The Night Game's Martin Johnson (formerly of Boys Like Girls) had to experience to get to the point of happiness that "Once in a Lifetime" presents, though, is not all sunshine and rainbows.

“There was a self-destructive time in my life when it was challenging to walk out my front door, and the world in my head was more dangerous then the world outside," Johnson tells Billboard.  "'Once in a Lifetime' takes me back to the moment that started with a pinhole of light, and ended with a chance to leave that life behind."

Based off the success Johnson and Co. saw from their first release, "The Outfield," The Night Game landed a deal with Interscope Records in the U.S. and Vertigo in Europe. While this is exciting, a record deal isn't necessarily what Johnson was looking for when he began his post-BLG musical project -- but the people at Interscope and Vertigo surprised him by how in-tune they were with what he was offering.

"The whole process has felt reminiscent of the music industry from another time, and has restored a bit of faith in launching this project through a major label system," Johnson tells Billboard. "There is a deep connection to the music; not just to the metrics, algorithms, or play counts. It's refreshing to be working with a company that has ears."

With their new label home, The Night Game plans to not wait so long before releasing another song, and they'll be hitting the road again soon. For now, check out the group's latest single, "Once in a Lifetime," below.