Kelly Clarkson Reveals 'Meaning Of Life' Track List, Performance Video for 'Move You'

Kelly Clarkson in a live performance of 'Move You’
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Kelly Clarkson in a live performance of "Move You"

Kelly Clarkson has released all the details for her upcoming album Meaning of Life. In addition to already released singles “Love So Soft” and “Move You” the track listing boasts twelve other tracks. Previously, Clarkson explained “Go High,” the unreleased track which closes out the album, was inspired by Michelle Obama’s iconic 2016 DNC speech in which she states, “When they go low, we go high.”  

Clarkson also released a new live performance video of “Move You,” filmed at the War Memorial Auditorium in Nashville. The stunning, simple visuals place Clarkson’s powerful, soulful voice front and center as they should be. Watching the singer deliver an emotional performance with the small orchestra and band below.

Meaning of Life, Clarkson's debut release for Atlantic Records, is set to release on Oct. 27.  View the track list below, and pre-order the album here to get “Love So Soft” and “Move You” for instant download.

Meaning of Life Track List

1.  “A Minute (Intro)”

2. “Love So Soft”

3. “Heat”

4. “Meaning of Life”

5. “Move You”

6. “Whole Lotta Woman”

7. “Medicine”

8. “Cruel”

9. “Didn’t I”

10. “Would You Call That Love”

11. “I Don’t Think About You”

12. “Slow Dance”

13. “Don’t You Pretend”

14. “Go High”