Mike Posner Says Ibiza's Tourism Board Is Not Fond of His Hit Song

Meredith Truax
Mike Posner

"It's just what happened to me when I was there," he says of the island's negative response to "I Took a Pill in Ibiza."

Party people everywhere enjoy Mike Posner's song "I Took a Pill in Ibiza" -- that is, except those on the Ibiza Tourism Board. 

Posner told TMZ that tourism officials for the Mediterranean island didn't take kindly to his hit song because of its promotion of drug use. Posner says the flak he received was due in part to the island trying to shake the seedy reputation of being nothing but a hotspot for drinking and taking ecstasy -- a gripe he seems to understand. 

"I portrayed their island as this party culture, which is part of it, but I'm sure there's much more and I don't know about it -- it's just what happened to me when I was there, I did when I was there," he said. 

The particular lyric in question: "I took a pill in Ibiza/ to show Avicii I was cool." For those not familiar with the song's origin, Posner recounted to Genius how he found himself in the situation: "I had written a song with Avicii that week in Sweden called ‘Stay With You’ and he was playing in Ibiza so I said, ‘I will just go there with you,’ because I was already in Europe." He was offered the mystery pill by a stranger in the crowd, leading to the birth of the song. 

‚ÄčOn whether or not he'll return to the island, he said he's open to the idea but next time will "probably chill a little more."

Watch Posner take the infamous pill in the music video below.