JP Cooper's 'She's On My Mind' Makes For a Groovy Karaoke Song in New Video

Courtesy of Island Records
JP Cooper

JP Cooper has a new September song, as he debuts his music video for his latest single "She's On My Mind" exclusively on Billboard Wednesday (Sept. 27). "She's On My Mind" will appear alongside acclaimed "September Song," "Passport Home," "Closer" and to-be-released track "Momma's Prayers" (featuring grime rapper Stormzy) on Cooper's forthcoming debut full-length album titled Raised Under Grey Skies, due out Oct. 6.

In the "She's On My Mind" video, the first face we see isn't Cooper's, but rather an anonymous young woman singing the song karaoke-style in a dimly lit bar to an uninterested crowd. Cooper appears on a television -- used as a video teleprompter for the singer to look at for the lyrics. As the woman starts gaining confidence, a young man starts bobbing his head. He is the only one, as everyone else continues looking annoyed with their booze and cigarettes.

Suddenly, a noise glitch halts the performance and solidifies the woman's small audience as officially over it, except for the nodding young man, until her mic is plugged back in and she picks up right where she left off. By song's end, it becomes a duet with the young man unable to restrain any longer, singing the last line: "I can't sleep at night/ 'Cause she ain't by my side."

“I’m really excited to share my video for my new single 'She’s On My Mind.' I wanted a visual that captured the energy of this track and inspired people to sing along. I think we managed to do just that," Cooper tells Billboard

"She's On My Mind" stands with "September Song" as more upbeat earworms on a list filled out with soulful odes to the Manchester Cooper grew up in, friendship and various perspectives of love. All 13 songs, though, contain well-rounded, universal narratives with Cooper's voice forcing you to feel them.

Watch the full "She's On My Mind" video and the Raised Under Grey Skies track list below.

Raised Under Grey Skies track list

"Raised Under Grey Skies"
"September Song"
"Good Friend"
"All This Love"
"The Only Reason"
"Passport Home"
"She's On My Mind"
"Streetlights and The Moon"
"In the Silence"
"Momma's Prayers" featuring Stormzy