Walk the Moon Release High-Energy Single & Video, 'One Foot': Watch

Walk The Moon
Brian Ziff

Walk The Moon

Cincinnati-based pop rockers Walk the Moon have charged back from their self-imposed year-long hiatus with the high-energy single "One Foot," from their upcoming fourth album. The bouncy track that mixes a disco-like groove with a tribal chant chorus custom-made for shouting along to at shows is the perfect distillation of the band's signature foot-stomping sound.

Lead singer/keyboardist Nicholas Petricca says the new single parallels the band’s current trajectory. "We've never felt more true to ourselves than we do right now, releasing this song and this upcoming record,” he says in a statement. “‘One Foot’ is the soundtrack of our journey this past year, moving forward even when the path is uncertain."

The lyrics of “One Foot” tell a story of exploring uncharted territory, and the test of trust on a relationship in uncertain circumstances. Petricca sings, “I’m your king of nothing at all/ And you’re my queen of nothing at all/ Well, out here in the dust if you don’t have trust/ Ain’t nothing left of us, this is the exodus/ They’re just testing us, they can’t flex with us.” In the video, an unnamed love interest dances alone in the desert, occasionally overlaid with swirling galaxies and blending to become one with the atmosphere. As the video progresses, Petricca joins the woman in an embrace as their image twists and turns across the screen.

The expansive desert landscape portions of the clip that serve as the background for the band's exuberant performance of the song were filmed in Joshua Tree National Park in the Southern California desert. The timing was methodically planned to coincide with the recent solar eclipse, letting the sun fade out on the band in time with the song and using specialized lenses in order to capture the eclipse overhead.

Watch the video for “One Foot” below.