Niall Horan Goes Searching For Long-Lost Love in 'Too Much To Ask' Video

Niall Horan has just unveiled the music video on Thursday (Sept. 21) to accompany his newest single "Too Much To Ask," which the former One Direction singer debuted on Sept. 14. 

In the video, the Irishman sits at the end of a bed alone -- similar to the song's cover art -- explaining that he's waiting for someone (as he expresses in the opening of the tune: "Waiting here for someone/ Only yesterday we were on the run"). As the chorus hits, Horan takes to the streets in a flat cap, quite possible to find that someone he was waiting for. 

Instead of finding the song's subject, the video finds Horan carrying on with life, whether it's at a pub with friends or playing the song on guitar. But no matter if he's alone or in the company of others, seemingly never fully there without getting an answer to the question, "Is it too much to ask?"

Along with releasing "Too Much To Ask," Horan has also recently announced his first solo tour spanning North America in 2018, named after his upcoming debut solo album titled Flicker (out Oct. 20). 

Watch the full video below.