Billie Eilish Is Apple's New UpNext Artist: Exclusive

Billie Eilish, Photo Courtesy of Apple Music

Young up-and-coming singer Billie Eilish has been confirmed as Apple Music's UpNext artist.

Each month, Apple Music chooses an artist they're currently digging to give a huge boost in visibility using their editorial team's elusive resources. The coveted title for the artist comes along with a short documentary introducing them to the world, a live session audio EP and an interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1. As this month's UpNext artist, Eilish will have the chance to make her late night debut on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

The Darkroom/Interscope singer-songwriter is extremely excited to have been chosen by Apple Music, which she says has been a huge part of her life in one form or another since she was young. "My whole life I’ve sung and listened to music, and since the beginning I’ve had iTunes and used Apple Music for streaming. My brother Finneas thought the Apple Keynotes were cool, so that got me interested. He and I loved watching Steve Jobs’ keynote address, and loved all the stuff that was introduced," says Eilish. "Ever since UpNext was launched, I’ve thought all the docs about the artists were cool and insanely interesting. It’s so rare to be chosen, and the idea that they’ve chosen me is incredible."

Zane Lowe has nothing but love for Eilish, saying, "Billie is an amazing modern pop star. For someone so young, she's got such a clear vision about the way she wants her music to be delivered and presented." He continues to discuss the diversity of her style, explaining, "We're already getting a really diverse collection of sounds from her. Billie can an hit three or four different styles over three or four different songs, and it’s exciting as a music fan to not quite know where she’ll land next. For me, being surprised like everybody else is part of the magic of it.”

Watch the Billboard exclusive short documentary, below.