Justin Bieber Introduces 'Hand in Hand' Prayer, Tori Kelly & Luis Fonsi Perform 'Hallelujah'

Making one of his first public appearances since canceling the end of his Purpose tour, Justin Bieber appeared at the Hand-in-Hand telethon on Tuesday night (Sept. 12) to introduce a prayer.

“I’m super grateful to be part of this cause," Bieber expressed. "We don’t want you guys to just watch, we want you guys to be a part of this and donate, whatever you can, it doesn’t have to be much — just whatever you can possibly give." He then gave way to a trio of religious leaders, who led a prayer for compassion "to all who are in need, no matter in their background, in a time of great division in our nation."

After the prayer, a stirring version of "Hallelujah" was performed by Tori Kelly and Bieber's "Despacito" collaborator Luis Fonsi -- the bilingual rendition climaxing in a dramatic, powerful vocal showcase for the two performers.

Watch clips of the performance here, and go to handinhand2017.com to donate to the telethon's relief efforts.

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