Fergie Drops 'You Already Know' Video With Nicki Minaj

Courtesy Photo
Fergie feat. Nicki Minaj, "You Already Know"

Fergie has released a new music video for "You Already Know" featuring Nicki Minaj, one of two singles that she's released from her upcoming album Double Dutchess, which will be out next week. The sophomore album serves as a sequel to her 2006 debut album, Dutchess

The music video for the upbeat rap song shows Minaj and Fergie in a variety of monochromatic sets, dressed in their own simple black-and-white suits. Throughout the video, the two singers change back-and-forth between masculine, loosely-fitted suits and sexier, skin-tight dresses.

While the provocative rapping style of the two artists mesh perfectly, the pair works harmoniously for the screen as well, both rocking bleached-blonde hair and a "give-no-fucks" attitude.

Watch the newly released music video below.