Miley Cyrus Gives a Lesson on Millennials and Opens Up About Her Love Life on 'Ellen': Watch

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Miley Cyrus and host Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

In Thursday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres’ Show (Sept. 7), DeGeneres asked guest Miley Cyrus to help her understand a few millennial things that don’t make sense to her in a segment called “Mileynnial.”  

“I’ve learned a lot in 15 seasons, but there are still things I don’t understand in this world," says DeGeneres. "I don’t understand fidget spinners. I don’t understand Axe body spray…”

DeGeneres mostly expressed curiosity and confusion over the appeal of music festivals, asking “Why do millennials like dirty music festivals? There’s a lot of them…there’s Coachella…that’s the only one I know.” Cyrus, a Coachella veteran both as attendee and performer, explained that it’s more about being seen by the other cool people rather than just going there to be in a sweaty crowd listening to music. DeGeneres then asks “It’s hot, it’s crowded, but everyone seems to be having fun. Is that because they’re high on life?” Cyrus’  wide smile says it all. 

Cyrus also participated in a segment called "Lady Time," where DeGeneres asks her questions from '70s issues of Cosmopolitan. As DeGeneres begins asking more risque questions about her love life, Cyrus reminds her that her grandma's in the audience, but that doesn't stop her from answering all questions bluntly in true Miley fashion. DeGeneres also made her own version of the video for the title track off Cyrus' upcoming album Younger Now, in which she sports a Dolly Partonesque wig. 

Watch videos of Miley's appearance on the show below.