Jack & Jack Want Everyone to Stop Dabbing

In Billboard's new series, "1 Has 2 Go," musicians are given three items and you guessed it...one has to go.

Pop-rap duo Jack & Jack had to make some difficult decisions: Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat? Pizza, Tacos, or Wings? The hardest choice, however, though involved picking a favorite rapper.

Choosing between Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, and Eminem, Jack Johnson said Tupac had to go simply because he was always a bigger Biggie fan. To balance his bandmate out, Jack Gilinsky eliminated Biggie.

The easiest decision for the duo was which 2017 trend had to go. "If I see you dabbing, I will call you out," Johnson proclaims. "Now people are going to do it because they know you don't like it," Gilinsky says.

Watch the full episode in the video above.