5 Best Moments During Fifth Harmony's Vevo Live Event

Fifth Harmony
Sasha Samsonova

Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony might be down to four members, but their bond seemed as strong as ever during their appearance for the first Vevo Live segment featuring a live audience on Friday (Aug. 25).

The event, held at a small theater in Hollywood's NeueHouse, a collaborative working space, coincided with the release of the group's eponymous third studio album and new music video "He Like That," which premiered during the streaming. The first-ever Vevo Live audience--fans of Fifth Harmony selected at random on Twitter--sat in large, mustard-colored theater seats and leaned against pillows screen printed with the album cover, while color-coordinated lights streamed down on banners of the same image. 

"Vevo Live marks a unique new way for us to enable artists to engage with their audience at scale globally," Tom Connaughton, Vevo's senior vice president of creative content and programming, said in a statement to Billboard. "We enhanced the experience for Fifth Harmony by having a small live audience of super fans in the room today, to complement our online participants...This made the show a must-see moment for Fifth Harmony fans, seeing the girls talk about the video for the first time, coupling premieres and live engagement in a format that is unique to Vevo."

Below, five of the best "must-see moments" from Fifth Harmony's Vevo Live appearance:

1. Fifth Harmony: Friends or Family?

For four girls who didn't know each other until they were tossed together on the short-lived U.S. version of The X Factor, members Lauren Juaregui, Ally Brooke, Dinah Jane, and Normani Kordei interact like family -- or at least lifelong friends. They swapped secrets -- literally whispering in each other's ears -- and giggled, exchanged knowing glances and inside jokes, and just seemed to genuinely enjoy each other's company. Though they were on the Vevo Live couch this time as Fifth Harmony, it wasn't hard to imagine them all laughing and talking together on one of their own couches as friends. 

2. Family Approves of "He Like That"...

The premiere of "He Like That" began on a soft note: the audio was low, and remained so until Lauren good-naturedly yelled, "turn it up!" The resulting music video was sweaty, confident, and unapologetically sexy. Filmed in a club somewhere in Los Angeles -- "I'll get back to you on that," Dinah joked after all four of them couldn't remember the exact location -- the four women donned outfits and ground out dance moves that rivaled "Slave 4 U"-era Britney Spears. Thankfully, the risque moves didn't cause any familial tensions for the girls: when the question of what their families thought of the video arose, Lauren commented that all of their moms were like "the mom, Amy Poehler, from Mean Girls," while Normani mimicked her mom telling her to drop it lower. Even Dinah's grandmother seemed to approve, saying her granddaughter looked sexy in a clip she saw -- although, as Dinah acknowledged, she hadn't seen the whole video yet.

3. ...And The Audience Did Too

Family members weren't the only ones who approved of the video. As the very first scene of the music video popped up on screen, the audience began whooping with joy. A few audience members literally screamed at the first scene of Normani grinding on a dancer, causing the girls to cover their faces with embarrassed delight. "She did the wheelbarrow!" One audience member shrieks at a dance move, while calls of "yes!" and "Oh my God!" reverberate through the room. At the end of the video, Ally smiles and says "this audience is the greatest audience."

4. Ty Dolla $ign, Kid Ink, and Skrillex Make Surprise Appearances
A few moments after the premiere of the video, the host announces a surprise for the group: videos of Ty Dolla $ign and Kid Ink paying their respects to the group and wishing their new album the best. The girls all expressed appreciation for the videos, commenting on how important the two rappers have been to their careers. "They've been part of our journey," Dinah said. A bonus mention: when talking about album producer and co-writer Skrillex, Lauren referred to the DJ as "such a nugget," a statement that elicited laughs from the audience. 

5. Fifth Harmony's Birth Day
To round out the event, Vevo presented the girls with an array of custom cupcakes to celebrate the "birth" of their newest album. Right before the girls dug in, Ally suggested allowing the fans to enjoy the treat as well -- as such the girls handed out cupcakes to various audience members as they made their way downstage to take pictures and briefly interact with the group. Sugary surprise in hand, fans left the theater having been closer -- literally and, perhaps, figuratively -- to Fifth Harmony than ever before. 

Watch the full live event below.

Vevo Live with Fifth Harmony (Originals) by Fifth Harmony on VEVO.