Miley Cyrus' 'Younger Now' Producer Oren Yoel: 5 Tracks You Didn't Know He Helmed for the Star

Oren Yoel

Miley Cyrus is in full-blown re-brand mode, following the release of her latest retro-tinged singles "Malibu" and "Younger Now," both showcasing a return to her Nashville roots post-Bangerz, her last official full-length album via RCA.

Both of these latest cuts were helmed by Los Angeles based producer Oren Yoel, who is a longtime (though lesser known) collaborator of the star's, who has previously chosen the likes of Dr. Luke ("Party In The U.S.A.") and Mike WiLL Made-It ("We Can't Stop," "23") to spearhead her radio-friendly hits.

Below, Billboard reveals 5 additional tracks you might not know Yoel also helmed for the star.

1. "Adore You"

The third single from Bangerz, "Adore" also served as the first track on the career-shifting album for the pop star. After meeting during a Hitboy recording session, Yoel played Cyrus and her manager at the time a few of his tunes, one of them being the cinematic, piano-led track, which she immediately hand-picked for the LP.

2. "BB Talk"

This highly personal track finds Cyrus musing about an especially gooey past love, and appeared on her experimental 2015 mixtape Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz. Beginning with a spoken word section, the singer admits, "I have no idea what the fuck I want, I guess," before belting over a pulsing beat: "Fuck me so you stop baby-talking." 

3. "Space Bootz"

This interstellar standout ballad on Dead Petz came together over email, after Oren sent Cyrus some of his beats. After six months of radio silence, she sent back the first verse and chorus, anchored on the phrase "You're so cute, In your space suit/ In your space boots, Space dude."

4. "1 Sun"

"We all walk around and waste life," Cyrus croons over a gritty, skittering beat, as she admits that the inevitable end-of-the-world apocalypse fear is present in her mind, as she sings in a deadpan alto on the Dead Petz deep cut: "We only have 1 sun, 1 moon, 1 me, 1 you/ And we only have a little time to show how much we love, the sun, the moon, how much I really love you."

5. "I Get So Scared"

This Dead Petz ballad floats on sunny electric guitar strums and Cyrus' earnest, impassioned vocal performance, as she reflects on love lost, singing intimate lyrics that could find themselves in the pages of her diary: "I get so scared, thinking I'll never get over you."