Taylor Swift Bites Bling, Sits on a Golden Throne in Glam 'Look What You Made Me Do' Video Teaser: Watch

Look what you made Taylor Swift do in the video for "Look What You Made Me Do." You made her sit on a golden throne in a red dress while rocking long golden nails and a hand covered in glittery diamond snake rings. You made her clutch a fat diamond necklace and then bite down on it like it owed her money.

Those are the first images of the official video for Swift's new single, which debuted in a 15-second clip aired on Good Morning America on Friday morning (Aug. 25)

With the words in the title flashing in bold white letters in between shots, the singer is also seen swaying on a giant red swing, getting rocked by what looks like a glittery car crash and posing in a gothic black shorts and tight top ensemble in a giant ballroom with a squad of eight male dancers in crop tops, booty shorts and tights. And that's all we have for now.

The single will appear on Swift's upcoming Reputation album, due out on Nov. 10.