Taylor Swift's New Music Has a New Grungy Style To Go With It

Are the days of co-ord outfit-wearing, love song singing, and mini skirt-donning Taylor Swift officially behind us? A valid question thanks to the grungy, androgynous look showcased on Swift's newly-reactivated Instagram account, teasing her upcoming album and single release, "Reputation".

Though the pop princess revealed an edgy makeover in the past for Vogue, and an almost-Dominatrix outfit for the 2016 Met Gala, she has never sported a look quite this casual and streetwear-inspired. Swift donned a single gold link choker and distressed sweater from European retailer Pinko, complete with dark, matte lipstick and punky slicked-back hair.


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From the fashion to the hair and makeup to the dark snake videos and the newspaper-style black and white cover art complete with gothic type, we can’t help but wonder: will her new music come with an unexplored, edgy style? While many of her other cohorts; Zayn, Gigi and Lorde, to name a few, are already on the Virgil Abloh's Off White and sneaks bandwagon, we're not sure we've ever seen Swift sport anything more cozy and casual than a pair of Keds. So will the 27-year-old take a punk rock turn and introduce her fans to a whole new era of T. Swift? Only time will tell.