The Internet Is Losing It Over Taylor Swift's Album Announcement: See the Best Tweets

Taylor Swift finally confirmed her sixth album, Reputation, today (Aug 23), and the Internet is -- not surprisingly -- losing their minds over the news.

We get it. Swift has been long overdue for a new project, and after the singer confused fans with a social media blackout last week followed by a series of cryptic snake teasers, the Swifties have been through a lot. 

But now that the new album is confirmed for Nov. 10 and a new single is on its way Thursday (Aug 24), it's time for fans to celebrate. Check out what Swifties have to say about the news, below -- and yes, expect snake emojis.

For die-hard Swift fans, it may as well be a national holiday.

Some are are a bit...overwhelmed:

And while most are thrilled about the album, some aren't too happy about the cover art.

But for the true Swifties, it's time to get pumped: