Taylor Swift's Third Reptile-Themed Teaser Finally Reveals Snake's Face

The rumors are true -- Taylor Swift is reclaiming the snake, and her latest post today (Aug 23) on Instagram proves it.

In the third reptilian-themed teaser video to grace the pop star's Instagram this week, we finally get a look at the creature's face, and it's definitely a snake we're dealing with.

Swift posted the first two cryptic snake teasers on Monday (Aug 21) and Tuesday (22), respectively, each showcasing a slithering reptile tail on a glitchy, black screen. The posts this week end the singer's social media blackout, which began on Friday (Aug 18) when Swift wiped her social media accounts, sending fans into a frenzy.

It's still unclear what exactly Swift is teasing -- and how this snake character fits in. Billboard reached out to its resident snake expert, David A. Steen Ph.D., Assistant Research Professor at the Auburn University Museum of Natural History, who confirmed that the creature is indeed a snake... or at least a fascimile of one. "Yes, it is CGI of a snake or snake-like creature," Steen says. "You'd have to ask the artist what s/he intends for it to represent but it looks like they were going for a viper of some sort."

For now, you can watch the new teaser video, and the two that have come before it, below.

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